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Musaeus College Past Pupils Association of Canada


Welcome Members

Membership in Association shall be confined to only past pupils and former members of the Tutorial staff of Musaeus College, domiciled in Canada and US. Membership fee is CD$10.00 and will not be pro-rated. No membership fee will be charged from High School and University students.  To become a member write to MCPPA of Canada.

Trusted Charitable Organization in Sri Lanka

http://www.unconditionalcompassion.com/ (trusted Charitable Organization in Sri Lanka)

The objectives of the Association are
- to promote loyalty to the Alma Mater
- to provide a forum where past pupils of the school can meet and greet each other in their adopted country and continue friendship and goodwill
- to provide a focal point where social and recreational activities can be organized within the Association
- to provide financial assistance to various charities by organizing fund raising events


Upcomming Events

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

MCPPA of Canada